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This website catalogs iron and steel truss bridges erected in Ohio before World War II. Bridge photographs, maps of their locations and driving directions are provided. The John Bright Iron Bridge (1884) pictured in the header is an example from the approximately 1000 listed bridges.

Iron bridges emerged in America in the mid nineteenth century and replaced wooden bridges as the nation became more industrialized. In the 1890's steel superseded iron as the construction material.  However, within a few decades the metal truss bridge lost its primacy following the emergence of reinforced concrete and continuous steel beam construction.

"Iron bridges are fast joining the list of North America's rarest artifacts"
David Plowden*

Old metal truss bridges still exist in Ohio but are fast disappearing. Our generation may be the last to have such bridges on public roads! This website is intended to raise awareness of the need to preserve these historic structures.

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The Bridge List: a table of all known iron and old steel truss bridges built prior to WWII.

Lost Bridges:  bridges formerly on the Bridge List that have been replaced or removed.

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Ohio Historic Bridge News: archive of news items about Ohio historic bridges from the OHBA website.

Arch Bridges: a companion website that documents Ohio's historic concrete and stone arch bridges.

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