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The Lost Bridges table is a catalog of Ohio historic bridges that have disappeared since the inception of this website. Click the Lost Bridges picture to go to the table. This page describes the content and organization of the Lost Bridges Table.

Photo Name SFN Latitude Longitude County Location Crossing


Type Reference  Notes

How a bridge gets on the list: the table contains bridges that were initially on the Bridge List  but subsequently were determined to have been removed or replaced.

How a bridge is identified: bridges that have been in use on public roads have an Ohio DOT Structure File Number (SFN). A bridge may also have a common Name. When a bridge has neither a SFN or a known name, one is composed from that of the road, crossing or locale.

How to find a bridge location: the table entries are sorted by County. The Location column gives the roadway on which the bridge was situated and the Crossing column gives the feature traversed. Bridge locations are also specified in decimal Latitude and Longitude coordinates.

How to get directions to a lost bridge site: each entry in the Location column can be clicked to obtain a road-map showing the location and giving driving directions to the bridge site. Additionally, satellite, street-level and terrain views may be available.

How to see a picture of a bridge site: if a photograph of the bridge site or replacement bridge is available the word "Photo" appears in the left column of the row. Click this link to see the  picture. The Reference entry also may have a link to a picture of the remains of the lost bridge (links are commonly blue and underlined).

How to get more information about a lost bridge: additional information about a bridge may be provided in the Reference column. See the Bridge List page for a complete explanation.

Note about map appearance: If using a screen size of 1024 X 768 or less press F11 to toggle a change in the usable screen area or if possible increase your screen resolution. Tables are large, if they do not load completely press "refresh" (ctrl+R).