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Winter Meeting

When: March 16, 2014 at 1:30 PM

Where: Ohio Historic Society Auditorium, 800 E. 17th Avenue, Columbus, OH (exit 111 of 71)

Event: Topic is "Sister Bridges Agreement with the Wenzhou Covered Bridge Society" by David Simmons 

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OHBA events are normally scheduled for the third Sunday of odd months except January. The March and November meetings are scheduled in various locations so check here or in the B&B before attending. The July event is a picnic meeting at the Salt Creek Covered Bridge in Muskingum County. Bridge tours are conducted on the May and September meeting dates as indicated in the schedule.

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The Blaine S-Bridge on the old National Road in Belmont County is Ohio's oldest extant bridge (1828).

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The Ohio Historic Bridge Association (OHBA) was formed in 1960 as the Southern Ohio Covered Bridge Association specifically to preserve an abandoned covered bridge in Muskingum County, Ohio. In more recent years, it became apparent that many old metal, masonry, and concrete bridges were also disappearing and that some historic bridges of all kinds are worth preserving to help future generations appreciate the value of our bridge heritage. The OHBA invites you to join and to help preserve our heritage and become more informed about historic bridges.

David Simmons, President OHBA.

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updated: 03/14/2014

Mission Statement

The mission of the OHBA, a nonprofit organization, is to promote the study of historic bridges and bring together persons interested in learning about, protecting and promoting the historic bridges of Ohio. We strive to foster an understanding and appreciation of these structures and their connection to our past and to support efforts of bridge preservation and rehabilitation.

Annual Meeting

Terry Miller, PhD. discussed his travels gathering information for the upcoming book "Covered Bridges in America" by Knapp and Ong.

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