QUICK guide

If you are looking for old metal truss bridges to visit and just want to find them easily then this page is for you! Here's how:

  1. Click the "Bridge Gallery" icon in the left column then select a county on the Ohio map to see its bridges.

  2. Google maps and directions to a bridge can be obtained by clicking the "location" entries on the county pages. Look at the street and satellite views for additional pictures. Click the "county name button" at the top of the page for a single map showing all that county's bridges.

  3. That's it! Please acknowledge OldOhioBridges.com when you post a picture of a bridge located using this website. If you photograph a bridge that is missing a picture or find an unlisted bridge please share. I'll be sure to acknowledge your contribution!

If you want more information about a bridge click "Bridge List" and look-up its entry in the table. Want to visit concrete and stone arch bridges? Then select the "Arch Bridges" icon from the left column.