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Pictures Guide Tour Location (Director)
 Fall Tour 2005

Covered bridges of Monroe and Noble Counties (David Simmons)

Spring Tour 2006

Historic bridges in Licking and Knox Counties (Joe Charles)

Fall Tour 2006 Guide

Historic bridges of Preble County and Germantown (Ron Jones)

Spring Tour 2007 Guide

Historic bridges of Union and Logan Counties (Ron Jones)

Fall Tour 2007 Guide

Visit to the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition on Covered Bridges in Preble County and Greene County bridge tour (Ron Jones).

Spring Tour 2008 Guide

Historic sites and bridges on the Old National Road in eastern Ohio (Ron Jones)

Spring Tour
2009 Guide

Tour of the Old Rock Mill and the major historic bridges in Fairfield County, Ohio (Ron Jones)

Self guided driving tours: past tour guides may be printed to be used to guide your personal tour. Just keep in mind that local conditions can change so bridges may no longer exist or be accessible by the route described.
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