August 22, 2011


Jim Sabin, Editor

Lancaster Eagle-Gazette

138 W. Chestnut Street

Lancaster, OH 43130


Dear Mr. Sabin:


I am writing to emphasize the importance of passing the levy for Fairfield County’s historic parks.  What treasures would be lost in your lovely county without this money!  For many years, my husband and I regularly took our children to Fairfield County and photographed the covered bridges.  Our favorite place in the county was the Clear Creek Valley.  We loved its beauty in the spring and the fall of the year, and the covered bridges added so much to its charm.  The tourism these bridges inspire, attracting an amazing number of people who drive hundreds of miles to visit them, brings much-needed money into the county’s economy when they find a place eat and sleep and gas up their cars, etc.  The folks in Ashtabula County, Ohio, where an annual covered bridge festival is held, can bear witness to the huge boost that covered bridges have contributed to their economy.

Along with the 15 covered bridges still standing in Fairfield County are the unique Stone Wall Cemetery and the wonderful old Rock Mill.  No other mill is quite like it in Ohio, and it, like all the covered bridges, is priceless.  I would urge your readers to support this Historic Parks levy.  These treasures are a big piece of your county’s history and should be maintained and protected.  Your descendants should have the same chance to skip rocks under one of the county’s covered bridges that my children did.  Don’t allow your heritage to slip away from you—vote for the levy


Miriam F. Wood, Secretary

Ohio Historic Bridge Association

5973 Coventry Cross Lane

Hilliard, Ohio 43026