Wood County
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Photo Bridge   Location   Date Truss  


SFN 8702462   Maumee R at SR-65   1948 Parker 5-span   Reconstructed in 1988. OHBI has bad build date of 1904. On county line with Lucas Co. Photo Father Jim Roth 2008
SFN 8738262   Yellow Creek at Reigle Rd TH-27   1941
Pratt pinned pony   Confirmed and photo by Rick McOmber 9/05 Looks C1900 not 1941 as reported in inventory.
SFN 8745625  Beaver CK at  Long Judson TR-79A  1900 Warren polygonal pony confirmation and photo 7/1/05 Rick McOmber
SFN 8746184  N Br Portage R at  Mitchell Rd TR-81D 1900 Pratt pinned pony confirmation and photo by 7/1/05 Rick McOmber
SFN 8747210 
S Br Portage R at  Portage View Rd TR-87C
  1900 Pratt pinned pony   Confirmed 2/21/06 Rick McOmber Photo Nathan Holth 5/7/06
SFN 8754446  Sugar CK at Scott Rd TR-217A  1910 Lattice pony confirmation and photo  7/1/05 by Rick McOmber. Rare!
SFN 8755035  N Br Portage R at  Linwood Rd TR-236A 1900 Pratt pinned pony Rick McOmber reports this bridge is closed but viewable. Photo by Rick McOmber
SFN 8755809   S Branch Portage R at Kemner Rd TR-256A   <1900 Pratt Through   Canton Bridge Co. Confirmation and Photo by Nathan Holth 5/7/06  Closed. Still in place 6/2007 rj
SFN 8755868  N Branch Portage R at N River rd CR-257 <1900 Camelback pony Confirmed by Rich McOmber. N of New Rochester
Custar Road Bridge   Jackson Cutoff Ditch east of Custar Rd  CR-38    ~1900 Pratt pinned through   Photo Father Jim Roth 2008. Bridge is private but viewable from Custar Road.