Williams  County
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Photo Bridge   Location   Date Truss  


SFN 8632987   Beaver Ck at CR-D   1922 Warren riveted pony   Confirmed by Rick Mcomber 5/4/08
SFN 8633908   Beaver Ck at CR-16   1920 Warren riveted pony   Confirmed by Nathan Holth 12/27/06. Confusion in OHBI about bridge type
SFN 8633916  Beaver Ck at CR-16 1914  Warren riveted pony Brookville Bridge Co.  Confirmed by Rick McOmber 10/9/05. Photo Nathan Holth 12/27/06
SFN 8634475   Brush Ck at Kniffen Race Track Rd (CR 3-50)   1920 Warren riveted pony   Confirmed and photo by Rick McOmber 5/4/08
SFN 8636044   Leatherwood Ck at TR-H-50   1914 Warren riveted pony   Brookville Bridge Co. Confirmed Rick McOmber 10/1/06.
Bryan Bridge   Norfolk&Southern RR at CR-8   ~1910 Pratt riveted pony   W of Bryan. Road closed at abandoned bridge. Photo by Robert Lane 2007
Pioneer Bridge   Pioneer Village Park     pony   Father Jim Roth 2008. reports pony bridge on display at Village Park. GPS is estimate.
CR 16 Bridge   Brush Ck near CR C   ~1900 Pratt pinned pony   Confirmation and photo Rick McOmber 2008 On private road.