Trumbull  County
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Photo Bridge   Location   Date Truss  


SFN 7800000   Mahoning River at Nile Greenway Bike Path     Box girder truss   Former Railway bridge incorporated into Niles Greenway Bike Path (incomplete). Photo Gary Erdos 1/2008
Creek Bridge   L Yankee Run at abandoned portion of  Drummond Ave   ? Pratt riveted through   Hubbard, OH. Reported by Nathan S. Clark, Jr. on abandoned gravel road that used to go to the Hubbard Iron Furnace. Visible in Satellite View. A small (1-panel) through truss. Photo Gary Erdos 1/2008
Warner Road  Bridge S Yankee Run at Warner Rd 1940 Warren welded polygonal pony Photo by Todd Wilson 3/18/07 Rehabbed in 1996