Ross  County
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Photo Bridge   Location   Date Truss  


SFN 7134797   Herrod Creek at Plano Rd (CR 84)   >1900 Warren riveted pony   Confirmed and photo by Don O'Brien 3/10/07
SFN 7144768 Middle Fork Salt Ck at CR-213 1913 Warren welded polygonal pony Confirmed and photo by Don O'Brien 3/3/07 Suspect build date for welded bridge! Probably 40's or later.
Woodrow Road Bridge   N Fork Paint Ck at Woodrow Rd TH-83   ? Pratt pinned through   Don O'Brien found this 11/2007 on Township road with a private sign off CR 84 Photo Don O'Brien.
Sproat Bridge   Dry Run near Old US-35   ? stringer   Emmett Conway reported an iron bridge on  Highbank Farm (28532 Old US-35, Vauces).  This old metal bridge was found and photographed by Don O'Brien 10/2007