Richland  County
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Comment: Richland County seems to be into preservation! Rommels Mill Bridge was recently rehabbed.

Photo Bridge   Location   Date Truss  


Old Crider Road Bridge   Black Fk Mohican River at I-71 & SR-603   <1900 Pratt pinned through   Abandoned when I 71 was built. Bridge floor has been removed. Park and view this bridge from Crider Road.
Springmill Rd Bridge   Stream at Springmill Rd CR-191     stringer   small concrete stringer with metal railings 8/2007
SFN 7000243 Bellville Bridge  Clear Fk Mohican R at Main St. SR-13 1938 Parker riveted through Located in Bellville. Confirmed by Jeremy Clevenger.
SFN 7032730   Brubaker Ck at Eby Road TH-230   1883 Pratt pinned Pony   Has "carnegie" stamp on iron members. Confirmed 3/5/06
SFN 7034474 Gatton Rock  Bridge  Clear Fk Mohican River at  Stoffer Rd TH-403 1900 Pratt pinned through confirmed 6/11/05 In park setting. Scheduled for rehab in 2008.
SFN 7035462 
Rommels Mill Bridge
Clear Fk Mohican River at Benedict Road 1913 Warren riveted through Photo 6/11/05.  Bridge was removed for rehab by US Bridge Co in 2005-06 and was galvanized. Remains of  Grist Mill are beside bridge. Great preservation job!