Perry  County
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: County apparently just guesses (badly) at build dates.

Photo Bridge   Location   Date Truss  


SFN 6430880   Rush Ck at Flagdale Rd CR-23   1940 Warren riveted polygonal pony   Confirmed 8/2007. Looks older than 1940
SFN 6433588  Moxahala CK at Athens Rd 1900 Warren riveted pony Roseville. Confirmed 9/4/05 Newer than 1900
SFN 6434037   Painter Creek at TR-96   ? Pratt pinned half-hip pony   Confirmed 5/29/06 reportedly to be removed soon. Still present 7/2007 Appears to be built pre 1920.
SFN 6434193   L Monday CK at TH-131   1900
stringer   Confirmed 8/2007 Appears old but likely a replacement. The cows seem to like it!
SFN 6434231  Rush CK at TR-185 1900 Warren riveted pony Confirmed 9/4/05 Looks original. A nice bridge but build date wrong.
SFN 6435556 Trib L Rush Ck at TR-2A 1900 Pratt pinned half-hip pony Confirmed and photo Janis Ford 2/2008