Miami  County
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Photo Bridge   Location   Date Truss  


SFN 5531055   Spring Creek at Fairview Rd TR-19   1913 Pratt pinned pony   Confirmation and photo Nathan Holth 5/7/06
SFN 5533260 Owens Rd  Bridge    Panther Ck at Owens Rd CR-76   1913 Pratt pinned through   Confirmed by Miriam Wood 2/16/06. Photo Nathan Holth 5/7/06
SFN 5533511   Greeneville CK at Croftmill Rd TR-84   1928 Warren riveted
 polygonal pony
  Confirmed 8/200. Fine Victorian house beside bridge rj
SFN 5536421   L Lost Ck at N Rugged Hill Rd  CR-211   1913 Warren riveted
  Rehabed in 2005. To be replaced 2011 Present 8/2007 rj
 Falknor Rd  Bridge    Stillwater R at Falknor Rd CR-98   1899 Pratt through
  Abandoned. S of Covington. Close to OH-48 has small parking area. Hidden by plant growth and may be hard to see. Confirmed by Miriam Wood 2/16/06. Photo Nathan Holth 5/7/06
Fulton Farms Bridge   Lost Creek at Ebberts Rd     Pratt pinned through   Reported by Bob Heffner on Fulton Farms property 2/7/07. Road closed. Photo Doug Miller, 2008
Honey Creek Bridge   Honey Creek N of Milton-Carlisle Pike SR-571     Pratt pinned
  Reported by Robert Heffner GPS is estimate. Located in Honey Creek Preserve north of  571. Follow east side of creek to abandoned bridge.
Polecat Road Bridge   Spring Ck at Polecat Rd   ~1900 Pratt pinned pony   Smith Bridge Co, Toledo OH. Bob Heffner reported finding this bridge 11/2007 on private driveway. Photo Janis Ford 6/2008
Sugar Grove Bridge   Panther Creek at Sugar Grove Rd CR-77     Bowstring   Nathan Holth found this one near SFN  5533260 on private drive  5/7/2006 Watch out for dog!