Medina  County
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Photo Bridge   Location   Date Truss  


SFN 5235537   W Br Rocky R at Bagdad Rd TR-170   ~1900 Warren riveted pony   Rehabed in 1983. Large error in location by OHBI. Bridge visible in satellite view.
Mud Lake Road Bridge   CSXT RR at Mud Lake  Rd TH-116     Warren Pony 3-span   Reported by Fred Pettry
River Corners
  CSXT RR at River Corners Rd     Warren 3-span pony   visible from US 224. Information and photo courtesy 10/2007
Pawnee Road   CSXT RR at Pawnee Rd CR-28     Warren 3-span pony   visible from US 224 Information and photo courtesy 10/2007. Sister bridge to previous.
Hubbard Valley Park Bridge   Buffalo Ck off Hubbard Valley Rd     Baltimore Through   Confirmed 6/2007 NE of Seville in Hubbard Valley Park Visible from I-76 GPS is estimate of location in park. Information and photo courtesy