Logan  County
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SFN 4631838
 Great Miami R Bridge 
Great Miami R at CR-21 1882 double intersect Pratt through N of Logansville Confirmation by Rick McOmber 9/10/05. Photo rj 9/9/06
SFN 4631613   Stony Creek at TR-30   1922 Warren riveted pony   10/2007 rj
SFN 4636066  Stony Ck at TR-30 1913 Pratt pinned through Confirmed 9/9/06
SFN 4637445  Muchinippi Ck at TR-80 1916 Warren (Riveted) Pony Confirmed by Rick McOmber 9/10/05. Photo  9/9/06 rj
SFN 4638263  Muchinippi Ck at TR-89 1907 Pratt (Riveted) half-hip pony Confirmed 10/1/05
SFN 4641604  stream at TR-122 1908 Warren (Riveted)  Pony Confirmed 10/1/05
Russells Point Bridge   Indian Lake at Sandy Beach Park   1924 steel pedestrian arch   Reported by Bob Heffner. Bridge is closed. Photo PD Wikipedia.