Licking County
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Comment: Licking county
has some real gems but only a few metal bridges are left on public roads! The Rodrick Bridge is a must see!

Photo Bridge   Location   Date Truss  


SFN 4531221   Rocky Fork at Rocky Fork Rd  CR-210   1928 Warren riveted Polygonal Pony   Pittsburg Des Moines Steel Co. Just N of SR-79. Confirmed and photo Janis Ford 6/2007
SFN 4532139 Blackhand Gorge Bridge  Claylick Ck at Blackhand Gorge Nature Preserve ~1890 Modified Iron Kingpost. Warren style members. In Blackhand Gorge Nature Preserve SE of Newark Must be accessed from Brownsville Rd (CR 668) just East of road. Unusual metal bridge. 
SFN 4532724   N Fk Licking River at Snyder Rd TR-254   ? Warren welded Polygonal Pony   Off RT-13. Confirmed 4/6/2005. True build date is unknown. Photo Janis Ford 6/2007
SFN 4560175   Licking River at E. Main Street   1898 Iron Pratt pinned through   Rehabilitated in 2002. Located in Newark Great example of the preservation of a bridge in a high traffic area.
Dry Creek Bridge   Dry Creek on private road near Dry Ck Rd CR-10   ~1900 Pratt pinned half-hip pony   Found by Janis Ford 3/3/07 on private road off Dry Creek Road.. Photo Janis Ford.
 Falling Rock Camp Bridge OH -89 Rocky Fork at Falling Rock Camp 1872 Iron Post  Moved to Hebron in 1927 then to Falling Rock Camp in 1931originally over Bushy Fork Ck in Perry Township. A rare Post Truss.
 Gallman Bridge  Raccoon Ck at Newark Bikeway 1887 double intersect through Pratt Originally in Mercer Co. as SFN 5457467 over St. Mary's River. Moved to Licking county in 2002, on a Bikeway over Raccoon Ck near Reddington and Cherry Valley Rd. Photo 12-4-04. Nice!
New Way Bridge   Bushy Fork Ck at Loudon St.   ~1900 Pratt pinned half- hip pony   Found 6/2007 in New Way, OH on private driveway off Loudon St.
Seven Hills Road Bridge   Cols&Ohio River RR at Seven Hills Rd   ~1900 Pratt pinned pony   Photo Janis Ford 6/2007.
SR 79 Bridge   Painter Run at SR-79   ~1900 Pratt pinned half hip pony   Found by Janis Ford 2007 on a private driveway. Seen from SR 79. Deck is reinforced with I-beams
 Rodrick Bridge OH-95 Wills Ck at OSU Newark  1872 Iron Bowstring Moved in 1998 from Coshocton  Rt 144 Ostego (was SFN 1630547) to OSU Newark Campus on Bikeway.  Photo 10-31-04. Magnificent structure, a must see!