Knox  County
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Comment: Knox County has some interesting bridges but is rapidly removing its old bridges, most recently the Howard Bridge.

Photo Bridge   Location   Date Truss  


SFN 4232828
Big Run Road  Bridge 
Kokosing R at Big Run Rd CR-54 1915 Warren Polygonal Chord Through Preserved in Knox County Park. Received grant for renovation 2004 Photo 4-16-05. 
SFN 4234650 Brinkhaven or old US 62 Bridge  Mohican R at old US-62 Brinkhaven Rd CR-77 1914 5-span Warren Pony Damaged in flood Jan 2005. Photo taken from across US 62 on Bridge of Dreams CB 10-24-04. It is 0.15 W of Main St.
SFN 4234669   Brinkhaven Canal at  Brinkhaven Rd  CR-77   1914 Warren riveted pony   0.1 W of Main street adjacent to 4234650 Confirmed 4/18/06
SFN 4235193  Ireland Ck at Orange Hill Rd TH-325 1887 Pratt pinned half-hip Pony confirmed 6/5/2005, road closed
SFN 4236157
 Mill Road Bridge OH-91
Wakatomika Ck at Mill Road TR-184 1872 Iron Bowstring Built on a now abandoned section of Mill Rd. Photo 11-14-04. Was moved 11/2008 to Foundation Park in Mt.Vernon. Will be on a walking trail there. GPS is original location
SFN 4236211  Wakatomica at Warren Rd TR-147 1900 Pratt pinned through confirmed 5/6/2005
SFN 4236416  Granny Ck at Dunham Rd TH-382 <1900 Pratt pinned half-hip pony  Photo 3-5-05
SFN 4236475  Dry Ck at Graham Rd TR-122 <1900 Pratt pinned half-hip pony  Photo 3-5-05
SFN 4236734  N Fk Licking R at Larimore Rd TH-176 1900 Pratt pinned pony confirmed 6/12/05
SFN 4237374 Hunter Rd Bridge  Mohican R at Hunter Rd TH-218 1904 Pratt pinned through, 2-span E of Danville. Photo 4-16-05. Fine example NRHP. Damaged by floods 2005