Huron  County
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Photo Bridge   Location   Date Truss  


SFN 3930610   Frink Run at Sandhill Rd TH-198   1944 Warren Through   Photo 11/2007. Newer bridge built in traditional style.
SFN 3931072   W Br Huron R at Standardsburg Rd TH-90   1925 Warren riveted pony   Photo 11/2007.
SFN 3936708   E Br Huron River at N. TownLine Rd TR-113   ~1900 Pratt pinned pony   Confirmed 10/14/06
SFN 3938786   Vermilion R at Cook Rd CR-185   1940 Warren riveted pony   Warren welded polygonal pony here May be a replacement Photo 11/2007 rj

SFN 3940233  Slate Run at Scottwood Rd TH-9 1900 Pratt pinned pony Photogenic spot. Nice little bridge. Confirmed by Jeremy Clevenger 10/3/05. Possibly older. May be iron. Photo 11/2007 rj
SFN 3946479   Marsh Run at Buckingham Rd TH-181   1922 Warren riveted pony skewed   Photo 11/2007
SFN 3948315   SW Br Vermillion R at Omega Rd TR-145   ~1920 Warren riveted Pony   Confirmed 10/14/06