Fairfield  County
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Comment: home of the remarkable John Bright Iron bridge but not much else! However, they treat their covered bridges well.

Photo Bridge   Location   Date Truss  


SFN 2337290  Poplar Ck at Havensport Rd CR-263 1916 Warren Polygonal Chord pony Moved here in 1989 to replace John Bright #1 bridge original location unknown. Photo 3-9-05
SFN 2340208   L Rush Creek at Rushville Rd  CR-77   1928 Pratt riveted deck   Located in West Rushville. Confirmed 8/2007 Looks like recent rehab.
SFN 234423 Walnut Ck at Leonard Rd CR-238 <1900 Warren polygonal pony In  location of the old McCleery CB. Probably rehabbed. Newer than 1900. Photo 3-9-05
John Bright #1  Bridge Ohio University, Lancaster 1884 very rare inverted Bowstring Now located at OU Lancaster campus  next to the John Bright covered bridge and just north of the relocated McCleery CB. Photo 11/20/2004  HAER OH-44