Ashtabula  County
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Comment: In this county: historic bridges = covered bridges but a number of metal bridges remain.

Photo Bridge   Location   Date Truss  


SFN 406635   Ashtabula R at W 5th St SR- 531   1925 Bascule Strauss Heel Trunnion   Fort Pitt Bridge Works. Confirmed and photo by Rick McOmber 9/2005
SFN 431737 Mill Creek Rd Bridge  Greenway Trail over Clay Rd 1897 King Pratt through Moved to E of Eagleville and N of  SR 307 on Greenway Trail over Clay Rd. Original replaced by Galvanized Pony. Photo Rob Trainor
SFN 432350   Mill Creek at Clay Road TH-284   1919 Warren riveted pony   Plaque on bridge states Brookville Bridge Co. Confirmed by Rick McOmber and Nathan Holth (photo) 7/16/2006
SFN 432466 Harpersfield Rd Bridge  Grand R at Harpersfield Rd CR-154 1913  Pratt riveted through Near State Route 534. Unique, joins to covered bridge 35-04-19 Confirmation and photo by Jeremy Clevenger 0705
SFN 432474  Grand R at County Line Rd TH-141  1889 Pratt pinned  through Was a 2 span bridge, half was replaced in 2002 with modern Warren polygonal pony truss bridge. Confirmation and photo by Jeremy Clevenger 07/05
SFN 432644 
Horton Rd Bridge
Conneaut Ck at  Horton Rd CR-429A 1899 Pratt pinned through Confirmation and photo 09/09/05 by Jeremy Clevenger Reportedly scheduled for replacement by a new covered bridge.
SFN 432814 Shaffer Rd Bridge  Grand R at Shaffer Rd TR-67 1913 Pratt through Shaffer Rd. Recently rehabbed. Looks early 20C Confirmation and photo by Rob Trainor 2/4/07
SFN 432954 Callender Rd  Bridge  Grand R at Callender Rd TR-550 1913 Pratt through One road S of the Shaffer Rd Bridge on Callender Rd. Confirmation and photo by Jeremy Clevenger 07/05. Funded for replacement 2010.
SFN 432962  Grand R at Johnson Rd TR-541 1905 Pratt through South of US Highway 6 on Johnson Rd Confirmation by Jeremy Clevenger 07/05. Photo Rob Trainor 11/06. To be removed.
SFN 433101   Trib W Branch  Ashtabula R at Caine Rd TH-579   <1900 Twin truss Warren welded pony   Near covered bridge. Photo by Janis Ford 2/2008. Unusual truss likely much newer than OBI date (it's welded) Similar to the Old Plank Road bridge.
SFN 433144  Ashtabula R at Green Hill Rd TR-20 <1900 Warren riveted camelback pony Confirmed by Jeremy Clevenger 9/30/05 Bridge moved from SE Ohio to replace covered bridge in 1962. Photo Janis Ford 2/4/07
 SFN 433284
Old Plank Rd Bridge 
Grand R at Old Plank Rd TR-528 1972 ? Twin truss Warren welded pony S of US 322, W of Orwell. Confirmation and photo by Janis Ford 2/4/07. Build date suspect,
SFN 433349   Pymatuning Ck at Underwood Rd TH-143   1940 Warren welded polygonal pony 2-span   May be newer than 1940. Confirmation and photo Gary Erdos 1/2008
SFN 460052
Lake Ave
  CSXT RR at Lake Ave   1928 Warren riveted pony   Heavy duty 4-lane. Confirmation and photo Gary Erdos 1/2008
Oakdale Cemetery Bridge   Oakdale Cemetery   ? stringer   Located in Oakdale Cemetery, Jefferson. Photo Janis Ford 2/2008 Not a truss but an interesting little bridge that looks iron.
 Union Cemetery or Rock Ck Bridge  Rock Ck at Footville-Richmond Rd <1900 Iron Pratt through  W of Rock Creek off Footville-Richmond Rd. Connects to Union Cemetery Confirmed by Jeremy Clevenger 08/05. Photo Rob Trainor 2/4/07. Moved to site in 1913