Allen  County
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Photo Bridge   Location   Date Truss  


SFN 239224   Little Hog Crk at Bentley Rd   ~1900 Pratt Pinned Pony    

Canton Bridge Company. Confirmed 10/6/06


SFN 241296  Auglaize River at Bliss Rd (TR 63) 1908 Pratt Pinned Through Confirmed and photo by Rick McOmber 7/30/06
SFN 245666   Auglaize R at Osman Rd(TR 172)   1906 Pratt Pinned Pony   Confirmed 10/6/06
SFN 248029  Riley Creek at Cherry St. ~1890 Pratt Pinned Pony Confirmed and photo by Rick McOmber  3/11/06
SFN 249815   Little Ottowa R at Bowsher Rd   1918 Warren Riveted Pony   Confirmed 10/6/06
SFN 253898   Sugar Creek at W Hook-Waltz Rd   1921 Warren Riveted Pony   Confirmed and photo 10/11/06 by Dan Bennett
SFN 260487   Norfolk & Southern RR at S. Metcalf Rd   1923 Baltimore Through   OBI checked 2006 Confirmed by Father Jim Roth 1/2008